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Cocktail sort is very much, different wine matchs together, can make different cocktail. Even if same class status, in the hand of division of not unisonant spirits, cocktail flavour also is endless and identical, enough sees the wonderful part that gets cocktail. To let us more enjoy cocktail surely, before we are being drunk should the composition to cocktail somewhatA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

Fall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna
Understanding. So, what does cocktail breed have?

Encyclopedia of cocktail phyletic name


Mo Ji is held in the palm

Composition: Candy of wine of Bai Lang Mu, Qing Ning, citric, Bai Sha, sodaShanghai night net

A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city
Water, mint, broken ice

Characteristic: Glacial bright cool and refreshing delayed effect is full

Above all! Tell true! Must notice pronunciation, vogue is in this with one action: Either ” ink marks is much ” the forehead, follow a teacher to read, mo-Hee-Toe.

This one cocktail comes from Cuba, also be one of the oldest cocktail breed, relaxed and icy mouthfeel suits summer very much, bird of more cocktail dish people safer choice. Well-known writer Hemingway is in Havana residence, special fan at this one wine, and Bond is in ” 007: Choose an auspicious day and die ” in also drink this one wine, visible Mojito suits the soul of free unruly very.

Deeply of wine force you, veryNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city
To can choose ” do not add alcoholic drink ” , it still is a cup of good beverage.

Encyclopedia of cocktail phyletic name


Cosmopolitan / the four seas is

Composition: Vodka, Shanghai noble baby communicates an area

Forum of Shanghai noble baby
Gentleman spends wine, cowberry juice, delicacy to extract Qing Ning juice, fresh orange peel

Characteristic: Acerbity sweet faint scent

This cup of wine serves as ” libidinal city ” in Carrie hold up Chinese the special wine when is red all over the whole world, also be the cocktail that the Maidangna after the day loves most.

The Chinese name of Cosmopolitan is ” the four seas is the home ” , a kind of jeep surpasses the sex appeal of young woman. What gentleman spends wine is sweet the acerbity perfect confluence with green lemon juice, plus the faint scent of tangerine skin, this cup of cocktail suits a female very much drinkable. The wine body of tangerine pink and fine and delicate Ma Dini cup let this wine have tall Yan Zhi, although your meaning is absent wine, gracefully light close lightly readily, also can add cent for your modelling many.


Tea of ice length an island

Composition: Alcoholic drink of orange of wine of Mu of vodka, Bai Lang, gold wine, white pulque, lemon juice, tangerine, syrup, lemon piece

Characteristic: Sweet and dainty, wine interest is strong

Encyclopedia of cocktail phyletic name

In bar, if a girl nodded LONG ISLAND, may cause the friend’s attention, “How? Is pressure great? Be lovelorn? How does the song of Yang Qian listen? “

“Tea of ice length an island ” do not contain tea, exceed 40 to spend by precision of 4 kinds of wine base wine mixes and become, if you are begged drunk, this is price of a sex compares very tall cocktail, can satisfy your requirement the most quickly. But if your capacity for liquor is bad, must careful, masked powerful alcohol flavour ably because of the coke in this wine and syrup, accordingly this is a wine that plays the part of a pig to eat a tiger, sweet mouthfeel lets a person loosen vigilance, imperceptible ” change half good night to sleep ” .


Ma Gelite

Composition1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend
: Salt of juice of liquor of pulque, tangerine flavour, lime, thick bead, ice

Characteristic: The acid with century plant full-bodied, proper aroma is salty exciting

Margarita is called ” after cocktail ” , bead of icy goblet, thick salt and maguey, rich stimulation the mouthfeel of impossible to defend effectively ases if is with an amorous feelings 10 thousand kinds elfin in flirt.

Encyclopedia of cocktail phyletic name

However, this good the story that drunk cocktail comes from a sadness however. Margarita of beautiful Mexican young woman met unexpectedly when Jean Durasa of the division that move wine goes to Mexico travelling, fall in love. However two people hunt in when, midstream of Margarita unfortunate body is played, was in to death in the bosom of Jean. A certain number of after year, jean named this paragraph cocktail with the name of deceased cummer, serve as with maguey of Mexican country wine base1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai
Wine, acerbity orange juice is his distressed heart, and the tear that the thick salt bead of goblet mouth is him.

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