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Actually aubergine is one kind when often can eat namely in daily life feeds capable person, and also can useShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Very much delicate cate comes to make it undertake absorbing, but aubergine itself also isForum of Shanghai night net

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Have a few side effectForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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, if be to suit eater not quite people after absorbing, be very bad to oneself body, because of eggplant1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Child it is the food that belongs to cool sex, meet after absorb when the patient with taste cold empty feel gastric bowel path becomes betterer.

 The side-effect of aubergine

[officinal place] the fructification of eggplant of plant of the division that it is eggplant. [sexual flavour] pleasant, cool.

① ” a book on Chinese medicine opening treasure ” : “Flavour pleasant, cold. “

② ” along with music score of news room food ” : “Pleasant, cool. “[component] contain fenugreek water Su Jian, choline, Long Kui is alkaline, alkaline wait for a variety of alkaloid. The Long Kui in the seed’s alkaline content is highest, for 1.2 ~ 1.5% . Peel contains pigment eggplant lubricious glucoside, purple perilla glucosideForum of Shanghai noble baby

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, and delphinium element – 3- grape glucoside, delphinium element – 3, 2 dextrose of 5- glucoside. [function advocate treat] clear heat, invigorate the circulation of blood, acetanilide, subsidence of a swelling. The wind that treat bowel issues blood, heat up poisonous sore carbuncle, skin ulcer.

① Meng Shen: “Advocate chills and fever, 5 Tibet fatigue. Vinegar rub, apply swollen poison. “

 The side-effect of aubergine

② Cui Yu Xi ” feed classics ” : “Advocate fill the skin, increase effort, n/med beriberi. “

③ ” day Hua Ziben is careless ” : “Treat lukewarm disease, the fatigue that pass dead body is angry. “

④ ” a book on Chinese medicine austral another name for Yunnan Province ” : “Medicinal powder blood, stop breast aches, wide bowel of subsidence of a swelling, heat water of grey rice water, the blood below the wind that treat bowel is more than the naevus that reach blood. “

⑤ ” cure forest bun wants ” : “Wide in, medicinal powder blood, stop thirsty. “

⑥ ” along with music score of news room food ” : “Invigorate the circulation of blood, acetanilide, disappear carbuncle, kill insect, already impaludism, a lump in the abdomen is hernial all disease. “


Aubergine sex is cool, taste empty is cold, asthmatic person unfavorable eat more. In addition, aubergine after autumn its flavour slants suffering, jalf congealed person unfavorable aubergine also does not eat as far as possible before feeding; operation more, otherwise anaesthetic cannot be decomposed possibly by normal ground, time of come to of can protracted patient, affect patient rehabilitation rate.

 The side-effect of aubergine

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The person with taste cold empty, asthmatic patient careful feed aubergine.

Show according to current data, ground aubergine does not have how old side-effect to human body, but pregnant woman is notShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Appropriate takes ground aubergine, in addition, also cannot eat garlic during taking ground aubergine, lest property of a medicine conflicts.

[advocate treat] : Rheumatism pain or numbness caused by cold is painful, hernia, injuries from falls, seminal emission, leucorrhoea.

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