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Be material of a kind of Chinese traditional medicine, can use those who treat a lot of kinds of diseases, the commonnest a few diseases that can improve place of field of path of him stomach bowel to appear very well namely, can enhance the peristalsis that him stomach bowel on certain level, but as far as possible still is not to want to eat Chinese rhubarb for a long time, it is to be able to appear for certain among medicaments after all of a few side-effect, can bring about oneself to appear for example the symptom of a few severe anemia.

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 Eat Chinese rhubarb for a long time to have side effect

Chinese rhubarb can increase alvine peristalsis, restrain the moisture inside bowel to absorb, pieplant of stimulative defecate; has fight infection action, all have inhibition to a variety of change orchid positive and negative bacteria, among them the most sensitive mix for grape coccus streptococcic, mix for diphtheria bacili, typhoid fever next because tan is qualitative,the; such as paratyphoid bacili, pneumonic diplococcus, dysenteric bacili also has inhibition; to flu virus be caused by, reasonShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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There are advantageous bravery of costive phenomenon; and; of action of be good at stomach again after have diarrhoea in addition, still have hemostatic, protect liver, step-down, reduce the effect such as serum cholesterol.

 Eat Chinese rhubarb for a long time to have side effect

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Huang Chu causes gastric bowel outside path reaction, ever had because be taken for a long time,report 2 senile patients (2 years) Chinese rhubarb soda piece, daily 15-21 piece, cause anemia of severe the sex that be short of iron, haemoglobin drops 5-5.6g, should decrease use dosage and return to normal after the vitamin C such as compensatory iron. Inside alvine path through charcoal end time of have a change of luck is mixed excrete the moisture inside time research and alvine path to determine wait for a proof, place of Chinese rhubarb action is in large intestine, it is a kind of large intestine sex sends evacuant, and iron basically is absorbed in large intestine, think to guide be short of the cause that causes iron may be: Cathartic action disturbed Chinese rhubarb the absorption of iron;

Chinese rhubarb tannic acid may be united in wedlock with Fe not dissolve sex is compound content, hampered absorb; reviveLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Dozen counteracted; of hydrochloric acid in gastric juice to disturb iron and vitamin C chela to close, hampered the absorption of iron. Still have after reporting 4 to an asthmatic patient takes Chinese rhubarb soda, occurrence skin prurigo, erythema, asthma is aggravating, classics spot sticks an experiment to confirm send for Chinese rhubarb quick.

 Eat Chinese rhubarb for a long time to have side effect

Every illness that has not attacked the vital organs of the human body did not stop, deficiency of blood and pathological changes caused by it enrages weak, taste Xu Han, without solid heat, accumulate sluggish, Yu to written guarantee, and before the embryo, postpartum, all Ying Shen is taken.

If use this tasting,have diarrhoea falls aperient, after when decoct is taken, answering, fall, or juice of bubble of the boiled water that use boil, otherwise medical effect will be abate.

After taking Chinese rhubarb, its pigment can be excreted from inside pee or sweat gland, fluid of reason pee, sweat can appear yellow. In addition, after lactation woman is taken, infantile suck is fed galactic, the likelihood causes diarrhoea, because this is sucking the woman is unfavorable take. Because this tasting can Yu of travel of invigorate the circulation of blood, before reason woman embryo postpartum reach menstruation also must careful with.

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