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When eating pineapple honey at ordinary times, people won’t have the nucleus inside pineapple honey commonly, but actually, the nutlet of pineapple honey also is eatable, won’t have disadvantage to the body not only, still have a lot of profit to health, for instance inside containA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Have plant prothrombin, have very good cruor effect, but cannot eat directly normally, introduce to have a way correctly below.

What does pineapple sweet nucleus eat a law to have? Have ability so correct!

One, does the nuclear energy of pineapple honey eat

Can eat. The nucleus of pineapple honey also can eat, Shanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Pineapple sweet it may be said is the whole body be, the fructification that is it not only is having price of rich hair nutrition1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Value, same pineapple sweet nucleus also is having rich nutrient value. Pineapple honey is planted the nucleus contains rich starch, adipose, protein, thoroughly cook but edible, can order a woman disease of postpartum and galactic lack, effect effect is great. When eating pineapple honey next time, must not the nucleus of honey of direct so refuse pineapple.

Just, average person won’t eat pineapple sweet nucleus raw directly, after the choice is thoroughlied cook, can eat again. The nuclear flavour acid of pineapple honey is acerbity, if eating directly, your tooth also meets the likelihood Hold does not live.

What does pineapple sweet nucleus eat a law to have? Have ability so correct!

2, how does the nucleus of pineapple honey eat

1, the briny pineapple that boil is sweet nucleus

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After opening pineapple honey, the nucleus of pineapple honey alone denude comes, the pit of round busy is cleaned clean, put the nucleus of pineapple honey in boiler next, enter right amount water, add the salt of a few, begin to boil, 10 minutes or so can involve fire. Come to the nuclear fish out of pineapple honey again finally cool, can eat at that time.

2, fry pineapple sweet nucleus

the soft film of the yellow above the nuclear take out of pineapple honey, put in water to thoroughly cook next, scoop up, had fried slowly with small fire, fried time is OK oneself master, should assure to fry of course ripe. Can pare at that time the crust outside pineapple sweet nucleus, resemble eating chestnut same.

3, chicken of of pineapple honey nucleolus

Smooth chicken half (400 grams) , pineapple sweet nucleolus 150 grams, coriander is right amount. Will smooth chicken is abluent behead, put salt, oily, brown sugar, unripe smoke, unripe pink mixes divide evenly, bloat 15 minutes. Heat one boiler water, put the stone of pineapple honey, put the salt of a few at the same time, thoroughly cook. Scoop up the pit that has boiled, wait for cool hind pare the white crust of pit, become nucleolus. Have oily pot, explode sweet the head of garlic, put into what had bloated gallinaceous piece explodes fry. Put nutlet again, put some of water, the boiler on the lid is builtForum of Shanghai noble baby

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boils 5 minutes to be able to go up dish, scatter some of coriander adornment to be become namely again.

4, soup of Bao of pineapple honey nucleus

pineapple honey the nucleus is washed clean, be in next Bao soup when, the nucleus of right amount pineapple honey is put in soup, after waiting for soup to had been stewed, can drink soup to eat a nucleus. With the boiling water that the nucleus of pineapple honey boils, taste not only very delicious, and nutrient value is quite rich also.

5, pineapple honey nucleus boils congee

After pineapple sweet nuclear denude comes, clean clean, when boiling rice congee next, leave boiler together with rice, wait when rice is ripe, the nucleus of pineapple honey is ripe also, can pare the skin will eat.

What does pineapple sweet nucleus eat a law to have? Have ability so correct!

3, pineapple is sweet

Pineapple of honey of pineapple of pineapple sweet another namer, jackfruit, tree, belong to for honey of mulberry division pineapple constant green tree, originate in the India of intertropical Asia formerly, china is passed into from India when Sui Tang, song Dai changes call pineapple honey and continue to use up to now, nutrient value is very high, pulp has stop the thirsty, effect that knows energy of life of the breast, beneficial in fillingLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Pineapple honey is the heaviest fruit on the world, normally 2 ~ blossommed in March, 9 ~ are mature in October appear on the market, the skin when fructification is mature is shown cinnamon, the surface has body of tumor condition protruding and shag, odd fruit hefts 5 ~ commonly 20 kilograms, the heaviest more than 59 kilograms. And other places of south of our country Fujian, Taiwan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan, Yunnan helps advance somebody’s career extensively, sikkim of Nepalese, India, Bhutan, Malaysia also has help advance somebody’s career.

So big fruit, everybody thinks pineapple honey should be long like watermelon certainly be in the ground, the pineapple honey on the tree is such.

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