Asian infrastructure invests a bank (inferior cast row) announced on June 16, bank board already approved member of 3 new will to join, it is Argentine, Madagascar and Tonga respectively. So far, inferior cast travel member gross to add reach 80, “The friend is encircled ” again enlarge look.

This enlarge look is to be in inferior cast an annual meeting of the 2nd board to kick off to announced that day. Met this second year at 16, 18 days are held in island of Korea aid city. In June 2016, inferior cast held first board annual meeting in Beijing all right. This is initiate by China inferior cast since be being built all right, hold annual meeting with nonlocal area in China first.

Current meeting theme is ” can last infrastructure ” , discuss inferior throw an operation and strategic development way. Inferior cast上海千花社区

scholar of a 77 members delegate, observer, expert and media public figure to wait for 2000 more than person to attend the meeting. Many bilateral talk will be held during annual meeting, the part that invests an orgnaization with respect to the sources of energy of new second birth of revolution of the 4th industry, Asia, infrastructure partakes, the topic for discussion such as the companionate relation that invests to promote Asian infrastructure spreads out discuss.

Inferior cast travel president Jin Liqun to think, conformity and the infrastructure construction that strengthen other area of Asia and world and interconnection each other are connected, have far-reaching effect to global economy. He expresses, tonga is south Pacific Ocean insularity, and the important economy system that Argentina and Madagascar are South America and Africa respectively, expect fresh blood is being joined formally inferior drop a late wave action.

Inferior cast went in January 2016 practice operation when share country of 57 virgin members, announced to admit 13 fresh blood first this year in March, approved the affiliation of 7 intent member again in May, member gross expands to 77. It is reported, new after 3 affiliation states will decide a program in the internal law that finish and capture keeps first capital gold, become inferior send the formal member of travel.

From the point of member amount, inferior cast already became the multilateral finance orgnaization that is next to world bank all right. Develop more one year to the past, jin Liqun expresses, inferior increase what send a member quickly, show an each continent member to be opposite inferior cast the sturdy confidence of travel, and right inferior cast the affirmation that obtains result all right. Inferior cast date of dep上海夜网

arture to wait for beg爱上海龙凤419桑拿

in win-win to cooperate with each. Inferior cast a Buddhist nun of assistant president red Alexander weighs · , each just are opposite inferior cast having strong interest all right, inferior cast the gate of travel to continue to be opened to the fresh blood that will join later on this year.

To inferior cast a this enlarge look, expert attending the meeting points out, inferior cast the appeal of travel to extend latent capacity in Yu Jifa. Inferior cast regard a new-style and multilateral de上海千花网论坛

velopment as the bank all right, main and dedicated invest at infrastructure, connect in order to reinforce interconnection each other, achieve the goal that reduces deficient thereby. The innovation that sets the pattern such as blame爱上海同城论坛

permanent board of directors also is inferior cast a further新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

progress to provide power.

Hold to 15 days in 14 days inferior cast conference of travel board of directors, inferior project of 3 when cast a respect to still approve total amount to be 324 million dollar new investment, the equity that includes to offer 150 million dollar to Indian infrastructure fund among them invests, this is inferior join a project of first equity investment. In addition, inferior cast still announced all right ” the Asia can last strategy of the sources of energy ” , express to support a member to fulfill ” Parisian agreement ” relevant acceptance.

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