On April 7, central department budget and ” 3 fair ” funds budget appears thick and fast, make public to the society. To when the reporter distributes news dispatches in the evening, shared 105 branches central to publish sectional budget to the society. A lot of people care, sectional budget is open in the center of this year, what new change and new window are there? “3 fair ” what change does funds budget have? The reporter interviewed concerned branch and expert.

“3 fair ” funds is compared the budget reduced 31 million yuan 2016

In the center of this year this class ” 3 fair ” funds budget situation how, most get social attention. The budgetary data that the Ministry of finance publishs shows: This central class 2017 ” 3 fair ” limitation of funds finance budget allocating funds 6.147 billion yuan, than 2016 budgetary limitation reduced 31 million yuan, continued to carry out the State Council ” mae a few regulations to be observed by all concerned ” requirement, accomplished decrease only do not add.

This central class 2016 ” 3 fair ” limitation of funds finance budget allocating funds 6.178 billion yuan, carry out 4.711 billion yuan actually, carry out actually under budgetary limitation.

The Ministry of finance concerns chief introduction, decrease the prerequisite that does not add上海贵族宝贝

to fall only in total quota, 2017 ” 3 fair ” funds budget key ensures important visit, external affairs to recieve, attend international conference or match, central branc阿拉爱上海同城

h centers Ⅱ of country of newer nation Ⅰ to discharge standard official business to use a car about environmental protection policy according to Beijing, perpendicular management department needs to increase official business to run defray to wait with the car because of the job in the center of the part.

Specific will look to central branch, “3 fair ” funds is better also reflected decrease only do not add. For instance, the Ministry of finance 2017 ” 3 fair ” funds budget number is sixty million six hundred and seventy-eight thousand seven hundred yuan, reduce seven hundred and eighty-six thousand one hundred yuan than 2016. Main reason has reductive two: It is central finance is opposite official business recieved expenses expenses to undertake unity pressing decreasing 2017; 2 be rise from 2017 according to the regulation, education researcher on business goes abroad temporarily begin funds of academic communication collaboration, bring into central branch no longer ” 3 fair ” funds limits.

Sectional budget showed national revenue system 2017, tax system used the country 2017 central finance arrangement allocating funds ” 3 fair ” funds budget one billion two hundred and eighty-five million six hundred and sixty-eight thousand nine hundred yuan, than 2016 budgetary number reduces fifty million and seventy-six thousand five上海千花网龙凤论坛

hundred yuan, reduce 3.75% . Basically be ask according to 8 regulations central, practice strict economy, control strictly ” 3 fair ” funds defray, compress official business to recieve cost and official business to be purchased with the car reach moving cost budget.

Duty Wu total bureau expresses about chief, at present country tax system 3 class are the following unit, advancing the official system that use a car to reform according to apanage policy, the official business after reaching the designated position is purchased with the car reach moving cost to will be compressed further.

Build platform to be made public centrally first, convenient public inquiry is supervised

“Sectional budget makes public the job in the center of this year, present a many new window. ” the Ministry of finance expresses about chief, the course is some nearer the practice with year of open budget

, central department budget works publicly to had tended maturity and standard.

Window one: Open time shifts to an earlier date further. Departmental door budget is open in the center of this year, centered on April 7 more, shifted to an earlier date 8 days than last year.

“The budget makes public time to shift to an earlier date this year, basically be pre-construction duty factor more sufficient. ” this controller introduces, the Ministry of finance considers to make plan of budgetary give an official ahead of schedule, had done in time with central branch communicate harmonious. After the National People’s Congress approved central budget on March 15, the Ministry of finance starts program of official written reply to a subordinate body instantly, work at finishing whole written reply to a subordinate body on March 24, strove for time publicly to shift to an earlier date.

“Accelerate budgetary give an official, it is the problem of open time time not just, more important is to be helpful for accelerating a budget to implement plan, drive party and country to get effective early be born of Xiang Huimin policy, early each. ” Bai Jingming of assistant dean of academy of Chinese finance science emphasizes.

Window 2: Public department has again increase. Institute of socialism of office of council of job of the aged of top people court, whole nation, China these 3, it is publish a budget to the society first.

The budget that central branch publishs, include total watch of income and expenses, income total watch, defray total watch, average communal budget ” 3 fair ” 8 pieces of forms for reporting statistics such as funds defray watch, from income and expenses of branch of report of disparate arrangement of ideas, angle overall condition and finance allocate funds circumstance of income and expenses.

To facilitate social public understands, while departmental door is publishing budgetary forms for reporting statistics, still use character, legend to wait to undertake explanatory demonstrative to content of forms for reporting statistics, it is important to carry to mechanism travel funds circumstance, government purchases circumstance, state-owned asset to have circumstance of performance of use circumstance, budget to wait item undertook demonstrative.

Window 3: Be in first common platform publishs a budget centrally. The branch is divided in the center of this year continue to be made public in website of cadre door portal extra-budgetary, website of portal of Ministry of finance builds special platform, chinese government net installs special column, concent新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

ration publishs central department budget, consult more quick, convenience, facilitating people is better supervise.

The branch such as education, environmental protection, publish budget of 10 priority discipline first

“Sectional budget is open in the center of this year, still have one large window, made public situation of priority discipline budget first namely. ” the Ministry of finance introduces about chief, according to active and reliable, orderly advance a principle, this year 10 branches such as ministry of Ministry of Education, science and technology, environmental protection ministry, make public the project text of 10 priority discipline and performance target to the society first, refined sectional budget to make public content further.

10 open 2017 priority discipline are: Talent of high administrative levels of Ministry of Education plans soil of water and soil of air of ministry of plan of research and development of emphasis of nation of minis上海千花网论坛

try of special funds project, science and technology, environmental protection to pollute action of prevention and cure to plan to carry out management water area help somebody in danger or difficulty is special in the center of Department of Transportation of project, traffic hydrology of ministry of business expenses project, irrigation works measures a newspaper.

In open priority discipline, include arrangement of basis of project overview, project approving, executive main body, executive plan, executive cycle, one-year budget to wait. When making public circumstance of 10 priority discipline, returned synchronism to make public target of item pay performance, include: Target of item year performance, quantified performance index, be like index of yielding amount, quality, effectiveness for a given period of time, cost, benefit of economic benefits, society, zoology benefit, can affect equivalent profit target continuously, and service object satisfaction spends index, supervise in order to promote a society.

“Performance target is the base that budgetary performance runs, also be the crucial basis that performance evaluates. Make public project performance target, it is important to indicate management strides a budget again one pace. ” Bai Jingming thinks, this will be helpful for raising project financing to us新上海贵族宝贝论坛

e the diaphaneity of the circumstance, consciousness of aggrandizement department liability raises capital to use benefit, drive central policy to fulfil ” not sideslip, not go out of form ” . (Li Lihui)

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