[Ke Shijin surpasses Si Nuo 2019 surpassing pair of Zhen Dingjun sunshine contest of world bright and beautiful falls into dead group] as Sinuoke China surpasses 7 days of evening publicly to fall next heavy curtain, contest of world bright and beautiful is surpassing 16 seeded players to arise subsequently. M上海夜网论坛

ark of the champion that defend crown – Williams Mu this give fight as number one seed, the one elder brother of Chinese that the world ranks the 10th is fourth Telumupu and Er of benefit article, the 7th Kui of the 15th horse are in the first abstruse sand of Jun Hui general and world together one area.

According to the regulation of world stage couplet, after China surpasses an end publicly, before the world is ranked 16 seminal ball hand will jump over world bright and beautiful to surpass a qualification, adopt snakelike be opposi爱上海

te a straight fetch undertake surpassinging argue to Kelusibao. The player that remain will pass 19 bureaus 3 rounds 10 success qualification contest will pound the opportunity in Zheng Sailiang photograph, 16 player general that surpass break out of an encirclement from the qualification at the appointed time have engage in a battle through ballot and seminal player.

Be in early sports season at the beginning of, ding Junhui ever had uttered the word of a person of extraordinary powers that pounds world bright and beautiful to surpass champion. This China makes public contest, he also because go out early bureau, lost the chance of the strong opponent such as article of benefit of esca上海千花网交友

pe Ao Sha thereby. Nevertheless, the Ding Junhui that suddenly change one’s identity became grandma father last year this sports season position is bad,上海千花网论坛

face Telumupu and article of Ao Sha benefit, his promotion foreground very can care.

Original title: 上海同城对对碰交友社区

Si Nuo overcomes world bright and beautiful to surpass the group liability that divisional Ding Junhui giving heat falls to die to e上海千花网龙凤论坛

dit: Li Xiaoling

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