” mysterious maritime space 4 ” appear on the market formally to already had two weeks, partial player expresses to like Nadingluosi not quite after had played (Nadine Ross) this part. However, the Neil Druckmann of the chief inspector that make of mischievous dog is accepted outside of intermediary Kotaku when interviewing, say, ” mysterious maritime space 4 ” the group that make unusual proposal the person that those indignant sexual distinction are discriminated against quits sport, close machine go person.

Kotaku: There is the effect that has mentioned you to suffer Anita Sarkeesian of feminism game essayist before you very deep, so are if where,this ” mysterious maritime space 4 ” in body comes out now?

Druckmann: Be in when me every time and our presiding and artistic division ” mysterious maritime space 4 ” when medium new role undertakes communication, she always can ask: If this part is a female how be met? I can discover, alas, how didn’t this think of before me. Good, let me think again: What kind of effect can if this part is a female,you cause to other parts? Without any influences! Good, this set very cruel, we so do.

At the beginning, the child set of that Nathan that we think to appear terminal point is the boy, and other the plot of a play is mixed what show great master finally is same. But, good, every time is same before resembling, presiding and artistic division asked me that question again: If change him into the girl how to meet?

The person with clearer trend of creed of a few sexual distinction sees the Nathan in game by Na Ding fat beat, the child that perhaps discovers final Nathan is a girl unexpectedly, may feel special accurate. Here, we suggest they do not play again went down. Because these our set and their idea photograph is contrary to, meet sooner or later because of them shout abuse: Blamed mischievous dog, if it were not for you those rubbish people are set, I play early closed, work let De Lei gram give birth to a daughter, law gram.

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