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Ejaculation is the man enjoys the beginning of climax pleasure, if produce male ejaculation obstacle, not only sexual life quality is not ensured, still endanger man health. So, the man ejaculatesShanghai is opposite with the city touchShanghai Long Feng forum

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Man 30 ejaculation are faint, so move absolute power full squares formed by crossed lines (1)

Some males erect wait to be not had unusual, but once arrived to ejaculateForum of Shanghai noble baby

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When, seminal fluid is poured out of faint however, do not have pleasure even, as time passes can appear of male frigidity. Here says for everybody, how to adjust ejaculation is faint.

How should ejaculation take exercise feebly

1, the muscle strength that can exercise shade J more in the friend with faint ejaculation, the proposal lets the penis erect here, build on the penis next onA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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A wet towel, raise towel like weight lifting through the penis, at this moment can the weight of little accentuation towel, make the penis gets taking exercise thereby.

2, OK still the men and women cooperates, maintain shade J inside shade D, issue an abdomen through systole, will control the stimulation that the penis nods to G, at that time the woman can experience the man’s systole to warn the movement of man penisFall in love with the sea

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Move, take exercise for long to be able to enhance alvine muscle and phallic muscle strength.

3, at the same time, still can pass arrive in make water half when, control make water closes, rest a few seconds again make water, will practice sarcous tension, the ejaculation strength of halfway patient can get improve and rising. Of course, this kind of method does not suggest to be used for a long time, can cause inflammation.

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