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A lot of people eat the seed of Job’s tears in the life the meeting is less, but suggest everybody will want to eat more henceforth, the seed of Job’s tears is called to give birth to the standing grain of life health by people, a few countries wait in Japan, the seed of Job’s tears is the food preventing cancer with accepted peopleShanghai Long Feng forum

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, the seed of Job’s tears ate to have a lot of profit, digest very easily for instance, have profit very much to health of intestines and stomach, suit those taste weakling to eat particularly, so is the seed of Job’s tears acidity or alkalescent food?

Is the seed of Job's tears acidity or alkalescent food?

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Is the seed of Job’s tears acidity or alkalescent food?

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Sex of alimental soda acid is not to depend on taste, depend on however the elemental quality that digests remnant of the place after decomposing in human body. The Na that belongs to tantalum, K, Ca, Mg, inside human body oxidation generates alkalescent oxide, wait like Na2O, K2O, CaO, MgO. Contain the provision with these metallic more cation, basic provision is called on physiology. Breast of major vegetable, fruit, legume and its goods, ox belong to basic provision. In the fruit although contain all sorts of organic acid, acidity is shown on taste, but these organic acid oxidize in the classics inside human body, generate CO2 and H2O and outside eduction body, and what exist in the fruit is mineral belong to basic element, so fruit (be like sweet anxious, pear, apple, strawberry, persimmon) belong to basic provision however on physiology.

Is the seed of Job's tears acidity or alkalescent food?

The PH value of the soda acid sex of food and its itself has nothing to do (the provision that flavour is acid is not fair it is acidity food) , basically be food course is digested, absorb, after metabolization, acidity or basic material become to limit inside human body finally. Produce acidity material call acidity provision, be like the flesh kind, carbohydrate. Produce basic material call basic provision, wait like vegetable, fruit.

British scientist discovers, the acid-base value with person humoral head and intelligence quotient are relative. Inside the range that permits in sex of humoral soda acid, the intelligence quotient when acidity is low, quotient of alkalescent Shi Zhi is high. So, children can eat alkalescent food more at ordinary times.

Alkali sex food: Grape, tea, bishop, kelp, orange kind, persimmon, cucumber, carrot.

In basic provision: Soja, tomato, banana, strawberry, albumen, prune, citric, spinach.

Alkalescent food: Dish of ormosia, apple, wild cabbage, bean curd, cabbage, cole, pear, potato.

Is the seed of Job's tears acidity or alkalescent food?

How to distinguish acidity food and alkalescent food

The food that absorbs daily can be divided roughly for acidity food and alkalescent food. Look from nutrient angle, acidity food and alkalescent alimental are reasonable and tie-in it is healthy safeguard.

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The standard of sex of food soda acid differentiates on dietetics, not be a basis alimental taste, the soda acid sex that discloses final metabolization result inside human body according to food however will differentiate, the final metabolization result that always discloses inside body is acidity, call acidity food, it is alkalescent food conversely.

Dietetics home thinks, fish, flesh, birds, egg, rice, flour, grease, saccharide is acidity food; And vegetable, fruit, bean products, milk is alkalescent food. Although be acerbity,feed vinegar, but acidity material won’t produce in process of human body metabolization, arise however CO2 andFall in love with the sea

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H2O, so vinegar also is a kind of alkalescent food.

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